A brief portfolio of concept designs that I did. These are not detailed and are very minimal in design intervention intending for only ‘quick fixes’. Do you think I should do more in terms of putting in more thought into the design? Please, don’t hesitate to give some feedback. Thank you. πŸ™‚


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A Wardrobe design for my cousin sister.Due to space restrictions in Mumbai(where she stays), she asked for a ‘multi-functional’ wardrobe.


In a restricted one bathroom existing area, walls were put in to divide the space into two bathrooms. The wet and dry area segregation is taken care of.
The layout is designed for one person circulation only.


Connection area of porch and lawn
Side view
So one of my friends needed help with an elevation she was trying to land her clients on. There was nothing they liked initially with what she presented. Then, she contacted me. I loved her layout plan and I think it reciprocates in my design for the elevation. I was given one night to come up with something.
To say the least, her client loved my elevation. Happy client, happier friend. πŸ™‚


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A bedroom decor needed to be set for a very dark marble flooring interior. The room had no particular user and was to be used as a guest bedroom.
The challenge was to be able to
a.either highlight the existing floor plane, or
b.to give prominence to the wall plane.
I tried both options where I dulled the colour on the wall and even put a higher storage area beside the bed in one option. In the other option the bed side table was low and the greenish blue colour on the walls was to be the focus of the room.

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